Day 2-John 15

  • In John 15, we are likened to branches, and the father is likened to the vine. This emphasizes that without being attached to the vine, I cannot bear fruit. It is said that if we abide in Jesus, we can receive whatever we ask for. What then does it mean to abide in Jesus? The scripture explains it as living in obedience to the father’s commandments. The greatest commandment given by the father is to love one another. What specific act of love is asked of me today? While meditating, I read John 15:12-14 and thought of Samantha, who I work with. In that moment, I was moved to tears of repentance because I had been irritated with Samantha yesterday. My irritation stemmed from her disliking our job, complaining to me, asking about others’ commissions, and unilaterally demanding computer training from me.
  • In fact, I’ve been feeling reluctant to spend time teaching Samantha the computer recently. I initiated this offer. About a month ago, while meditating on the word ‘Love,’ I offered to teach Samantha basic Excel programs if she wanted, to help her get an office job like me in Texas after she quits her job with Daniel. I thought basic computer knowledge would be helpful for her. So, I suggested we start learning from 2019.
  • However, my heart has changed. Although I made the initial offer, teaching her the computer has felt like a chore I’ve been putting off. I realized that my offer, which I thought was out of pure love, also had a motive for my English speaking practice. My action, which I thought was in obedience to ‘Love,’ ended up being to satisfy my selfishness. I repented with tears. Thinking of the grace I received from the Lord, extending that grace to others is the love Jesus speaks of. He said true love is even giving one’s life for a friend, but here I am, living selfishly.
  • While meditating, I went to the restroom. Then I texted Samantha to ask if she was available this Thursday. She replied that she was. Since I applied the word today, it’s as if I’ve completed my homework. Sitting back down, I read the scripture that if we abide in Jesus, we can receive whatever we ask for. Since I contacted Samantha in obedience to the word, I believe I acted in abiding in Jesus. So, believing that God will grant what I ask for, I prayed for the coding submission for my son Sam’s internship.
  • I’m not sure if it’s for PayPal, Apple, or Google, but I prayed that he would get an internship and a job at the place he desires. Living according to Jesus’ words and asking for anything, I wait to see God’s work.


1.Contacted Samantha to set an appointment. (Completed)

2.Prayed for Sam’s PayPal internship (Coding). (Completed) → Ended up getting an internship at “Hulu.”

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