Day 4-John 17

  • Today’s chapter is entirely about the prayer made by Jesus. I intend to summarize the Lord’s Prayer as I have understood it.
  • The prayer of Jesus is about the authority and eternal life given to Him by God. Eternal life means knowing the only true God and recognizing the fact that He sent Jesus (verses 2 and 3). Among the people of the world, those given to Jesus were originally with God. They lived without knowing God until the coming of Jesus, but now they have come to know Him (verse 6). However, since Jesus had to return to God and leave these people in the world, it became impossible for Him to remain with them any longer.
  • Since the disciples were left in the world, Jesus asked God (the Father) to protect His disciples. Until then, Jesus Himself had protected the disciples, but now He could no longer do so directly (verses 11 and 12). This situation brought concern to Jesus. Therefore, Jesus prayed to God (the Father) to protect His disciples from the evil of this world. The basis of this request is the fact that ‘since Jesus Himself had become holy, now His disciples who believe in Him have also become holy.’ Furthermore, Jesus emphasized that He prays not for the whole world, but only for those (the disciples) given to Him by the Father (verse 9).
  • This content up to this point can be understood as a prayer for the disciples who were with Jesus at that time.
  • In the subsequent part (the lower part), Jesus prayer extends beyond the disciples of that time to include all those who come to believe in Jesus through their (the disciples’) words (verse 20). Jesus prays that the relationship between Himself and God would also apply to us (those who believe in Jesus), and that all of us (believers in Jesus) may become one in Jesus and God (verse 21). This is to make the world believe that God sent Jesus. Moreover, Jesus prays that the world may know that just as God loved Jesus, He loves us (believers in Jesus) too (verse 23). Finally, Jesus prays that when we (believers in Jesus), whom God has given to Him, go to the place where Jesus was before the creation of the world, namely to God, we may see His glory, just as Jesus did (verse 24).

<My Prayer>

  • Father, now I have come to know You. I am grateful for being made aware of You and for the realization that You sent Jesus. Also, thank You for eternal life (since understanding that You sent Jesus is to obtain eternal life). Today, I have read the prayer that Jesus made before He went to You. Although I do not understand everything, I offer this prayer today as I have understood it.
  • While I live in this place (the world: Earth), I pray for protection from evil, just as Jesus asked for me. Also, I pray for protection for my husband (Kevin) and son (Sam), whom I pray for daily, so that they may not fall into evil, wherever they are. I hope that all of us become one in the Lord, always remaining in Jesus and the Father. I also pray for the strength and courage to live according to God’s will. Through such a life, may You reveal to the world that the father loves us.


1. I will pray for our family to be protected from evil. This is an important part of ensuring our family’s safety and happiness. (Done)

2. Today, I was supposed to meet with Samantha. The weather is cold, and it’s snowing, so I feel like postponing it. However, unless Samantha cancels, I plan to go as scheduled. Since I agreed to teach her how to use Excel before the meeting, I will also practice that. (Done)

3. Today, I suggested baptism to Samantha, which is conducted at Chestnut Ridge Church, something I’ve been considering for a while.

Completed: When I met Samantha today, I recommended baptism. She said she would like to be baptized with her family’s blessing, especially her husband’s, who is currently in Texas. She promised to get baptized after moving to Texas.

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