Day 19- Matthew Chapter 6


  • Do not perform your righteous acts to be seen by others (1). I have a desire to be acknowledged by others, which falls into this category. It is of no benefit. We should rely on God, who sees what is done in secret, and live honestly. As life goes on, people around us will leave at some point, or we may leave them, gradually fading from each other’s memories. Even family may leave. I should focus on what God is telling me today and how to live in the present. This way, I can escape the grasp of current attachments.
  • God knows what I need before I ask (8). Thus, He surely knows that we are looking for a house these days. Let’s not worry and continue to pray.


1.Prayer: Continuously pray for a house that suits our current situation.

  • Planning to buy a house to live in for the next 7-8 years.
  • Criteria: A house around the $150,000 price range that can be lived in and then sold.
  • Currently, our rent is $575. We plan to buy a house worth around $150,000, with an estimated rent value of $800-$900 and move in next year.
  • Pray not to have any more greed (Greed: hoping for the house price to increase or buying a more expensive house than we can afford right now, with the intention of renting it out later).
  • Desire a small house where we can fellowship and serve with the saints.

2. Continue with the plans already in place.

3. Study English (focus for one year)

-History – continue organizing

-Q. T note – continue to record.

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