Day 23- Matthew Chapter 20

1.The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard (Kingdom of Heaven?) 2. Mother’s Fierce Ambition (“Tiger Mom” Syndrome) 3. The Simplicity of Asking.

1.The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

  • Contrary to the parables of the Kingdom of Heaven I had understood before, this time the Kingdom of Heaven is portrayed like the owner of a vineyard. I had always seen the vineyard as the Kingdom of Heaven (I am one invited to the Kingdom). However, in this scene, the Kingdom of Heaven is described as the landowner, meaning the owner of the vineyard is the Kingdom. The Kingdom can be found in my relationship with the landowner. The owner made a contract with me, independent of others, and living according to this contract is my duty. In other words, my relationship with the vineyard owner represents the Kingdom. The Kingdom is the owner, and since the owner (the Holy Spirit) resides within me, I already possess the Kingdom. The relationship of others with the vineyard owner is their own issue, not mine.
  • Jesus also said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within us.” Living in a relationship with Him, who came as the Holy Spirit, I enjoy the Kingdom today as well. That relationship is the Kingdom. When we host God, who created our existence, within us, we can truly enjoy and be happy in the life of the Kingdom. This can be in the present or the future.

2. Mother’s Fierce Ambition(“Tiger Mom” Syndrome)

  • Unbelievable! Even 2000 years ago, mothers had their fierce ambitions, comparable to the recent Korean drama “Sky Castle.” The scene where the mother of John the Baptist’s two sons (the disciples James and John) takes them to Jesus, requesting one to sit at His right and the other at His left in His Kingdom, is such an example (21). Jesus asked, “You do not know what you are asking,” and “Can you drink the cup I am going to drink?” The places in the Kingdom they desire are not for Jesus to grant but for the Father.
  • Did the mother’s request lead to James and John’s martyrdom? I ponder the outcome of asking without knowing what exactly one is asking for their child. Could the mother have made such a prayer if she knew in advance about the cup of martyrdom? Living happily on this earth is also what God wishes for us, a precious blessing He has given.
  • Because I Know the joy of “serving others with love” from my own experience, I continue to pray that our son Sam will also become a servant of the Lord who serves people with love. And I will also pray for Sam to fully enjoy the precious time God has allowed him on this earth. When praying for my son, I must pray with discernment. God wants us to manage the world (nature) and live happily and joyfully on this earth.

3.Simple Prayer

  • When healing two blind men, Jesus’ question and the men’s answer were very concise: “What do you want me to do for you?” “We want our sight.” Prayer does not need to be long and complicated. Knowing my needs, I will pray simply for what I desire.

  • Let’s check again if there’s any folly in my prayers for Sam. I hope that Sam enjoys all that God has allowed him on this earth and lives happily.
  • As a practice for simple prayer, let’s pray concisely throughout today for what we desire regarding the house we’re currently seeking.

Example: A house perfectly suited for hosting saints, that will sell in 7-8 years, fitting our current financial situation.

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