Day 8-Mark 3

  • Jesus is shown healing the sick. In this scene, Jesus directly warns or explains about Satan (Beelzebub: king of devils, demon, evil). While Jesus was traveling, a demon-possessed person fell down and said, ‘You are the Son of God,’ but Jesus sternly ordered them not to speak like that (verses 11,12). This might have been because the time was not yet right. Perhaps, Jesus did this to avoid being captured by the Jews before completing his ministry.
  • Jesus chose disciples to preach the word of God and also gave them the power to drive out demons (verse 15). Reading today’s scripture, I discovered content that hadn’t caught my eye before. ‘The one who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit’ seems to refer to Satan (verses 28, 29, 30). Associating the ‘sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit’ with pastors oppressing believers seems inconsistent with this scripture. Satan is considered to exist in some realms of this world. Jesus acknowledges the existence of Satan, warning, rebuking, or commanding him to be driven out.
  • Jesus said that ‘all who do the will of God’ are his brothers, sisters, and mother.


1. Let’s explore the precise meanings and definitions of the terms Beelzebub, Demon, and Evil.

2. In the future, when praying to defeat Satan, let’s apply the method of ‘proclamation and command’ used by Jesus. Although we are already doing this, let’s continue with this approach. A missionary brother also taught me to pray in this way, saying, ‘By the power of the blood of Jesus, I command you to leave,’ or ‘Now that I am a child of God through the grace of the blood of Jesus, I proclaim that you cannot dwell within me.’

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