Day 7-Mark 2

  • Jesus said, “The Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins,” and he healed a paralytic. (After forgiving his sins first, He said, “Get up and walk,” and the paralytic walked.) Jesus stated that He came not for the righteous, but for tax collectors (perhaps meaning the marginalized) and sinners. He also said that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. Before Jesus, there were no people who spoke of sin, righteousness, man, or the Sabbath in this way. Therefore, Jesus’s perspectives signified a shift in a new paradigm.
  • While praying, I remembered the conversations from the neighborhood meeting last week and the words of Buddha I heard on a podcast recently. One of the locals, a scientist, argued that there is more evidence for the existence of aliens than for God, and if one believes in God, they should also believe in aliens. I couldn’t say anything at that time, but since yesterday, I’ve been contemplating both Buddha’s words and that person’s statement in my prayers. Today, I realized that this person’s view was based on their limited experience, thinking it to be the whole truth. This reminds me that in my long faith journey, I must always be careful not to be confined by my limited experiences.
  • While praying, I realized that clear evidence of God’s existence is ‘sending Jesus’. This evidence has been transmitted through Jesus’ disciples and countless people until now. Some claim there’s more evidence for aliens, but can we dismiss the evidence provided by witnesses who risked their lives? Jesus himself said that God sent him, and he spoke only what God commanded. After his departure, He said the Holy Spirit would testify within us. Despite numerous pieces of evidence (healing ministry, casting out demons) and witnesses, people still say there is no evidence.
  • From another perspective, believing in the existence of God is not a matter of scientific realm (proof, evidence), but of faith. Faith is an area accepted regardless of the presence or absence of evidence or witnesses. We explore how (How?) the given world (created by God) is made and proceeds. We can find principles and explain them to people with scientific proof. However, we cannot explain why (Why?) the universe came into being or why certain phenomena occur (e.g., why cells in my body act the way they do, or why oil floats on water). We can only explain the phenomena of the universe (How?) that have already occurred. Scientifically proving and explaining the birth and principles of the universe is truly amazing. However, the creator of the universe exists as a great being beyond. Accepting His existence is not a matter of proof but of faith. I believe in the evidence of modern science, and I also believe in Him, who can only be understood in the realm of faith. Just as Jesus brought a paradigm shift in faith with words people had never thought of at the time. Additionally, I should also carefully approach my established knowledge and experiences of faith.


1.Reorganize the history that discouraged me last night (my computer data organized over half of last Saturday disappeared), study again about the civilization of Central and South America and read an overview of the Gospel of Mark.

2.Pray for Samantha’s growth in faith and include her in our family prayers.(Done)

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