Day 30- Luke Chapter 7

  • Verse 26: Jesus referred to John the Baptist as a prophet superior to Himself. Moreover, He declared that among those born of women, there is none greater than John; yet, in the kingdom of God, even the least is greater than John. Jesus clearly stated, “John is the one sent ahead of me by God.”
  • I have a question. As far as I know, the Pharisees and the scribes thought of John the Baptist as a prophet, so why didn’t they get baptized by him?
  • Verses 37, 50: When Jesus was at a Pharisee’s house, a sinful woman approached Him from behind, crying and washing His feet with her tears, wiping them with her hair, kissing them, and anointing them with perfume (37). Observing this, Jesus told the Pharisee that the woman expressed such great love because she was aware of the magnitude of her sins, which were many and now forgiven. Jesus then said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you.”
  • Jesus usually does not visit the homes of Pharisees, so perhaps the woman, having heard that He was there today (37), was emboldened to go? Relying on Jesus, who had sought out a Pharisee regarded as a sinner, she found the courage to enter the house, believing that she too would be accepted.
  • Although I’m not sure if this story fits the context, it’s something I’ve experienced several times at church. When I treat marginalized individuals informally, others who have not received much attention feel free to come to my side. They seem to open their hearts after observing how I interact with others. In another situation, when I joyfully engage in kitchen work or menial tasks at church, others, perhaps inspired by this, wish to join me. I wonder if the kingdom of God involves people imitating and learning from those who first understand God’s will.
  • As someone who has received much grace, I think once again that wherever I am and whatever I do, I must take the initiative to share love and serve others.


What could be an opportunity for leading by example? (Given that I currently have few interactions with people…) Whenever I find myself in a social situation, I should remember today’s reflection.

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