Day 5-Mark Chapter 1

The Gospel of Mark is the first written record among the Synoptic Gospels. The other Gospels have referenced this book. Therefore, while reading this Gospel, I will also refer to a New Testament introduction to gain a deeper understanding.

In the chapter I read today, it describes various acts performed by Jesus after He was baptized. He primarily expelled demons and healed the sick. This includes healing a woman with a fever, a leper, and many other sick people. In the scenes of expelling demons, one can see that Jesus’ words are very concise and resolute. For example, His sayings like ‘Be quiet! Come out of him!’ or ‘I am willing. Be clean!’ are examples of this.

Furthermore, the text mentions that the demons recognized Jesus (the one sent by God), but Jesus did not permit them to speak. This might be because the time for Jesus had not yet come. Jesus specifically instructed the leper not to tell anyone, but to show himself only to the priests and testify to Jesus after being cleansed. Jesus clearly stated that Satan exists in our world, and we live in this world. Also, He said that if we abide in the Father, we can do the works He did. Therefore, every morning I declare the expulsion of Satan by the power of Jesus’ blood for our family and pray for protection from Satan’s power. Going forward, I will pray following the firm command of Jesus as I saw today.


1.Samantha had a traffic accident last week. I will pray for her specific protection. She is still young in faith and needs special protection for the time being.

(Done): I have started praying from today.

After the uncomfortable incident that happened before, now my relationship with Samantha has completely recovered. I had been uncomfortable due to problems caused by my insincerity. I am grateful for the restoration of our relationship.

2.To understand the Gospel of Mark more deeply, let’s read ‘New Testament Introduction’ by Donald Guthrie. I plan to start reading the introductory part of Mark today.

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