Day29- Luke Chapter 5

  • Verse 14: After healing a leper, Jesus told the man to go and show himself to the priest and announce that he had been healed of his leprosy. This act was to serve as evidence that Jesus was the Son of God.
  • Verses 19 and 20: A fascinating miracle occurs where four friends lower a paralyzed man through the roof to Jesus. Seeing their faith, Jesus heals the man. Would I have been bold enough, like those friends, to tear through a roof for my friend? This scene allows us to glimpse the magnitude of their faith, believing Jesus would heal him.
  • Among other miracles of Jesus, He mentioned that if one prays believing that they have already received what they ask for, it will be theirs. The friends must have believed the paralysis would be healed, hence their daring act. Let’s reflect on our current prayer requests, considering if we are acting as though they have already been fulfilled.
  • Verses 27 and 28: The scene where Jesus calls Matthew to be his disciple unfolds. When Jesus said, “Follow me,” Matthew got up, leaving everything behind, to follow Him. Matthew seemed to have been waiting for Jesus’ call. Likewise, I should always be prepared, not hesitating or making excuses when called.


1.To act upon as if they have already happened:

1-1) English – Believing that one day it will be utilized, keep preparing with urgency as if that day has come. Recently, if there has been a slack in learning English (speaking, reading, writing), aim to explain the Kingdom of God in English.

1-2) Continue writing meditation notes, believing there will be people to share them with someday.

1-3) Prepare physically (exercise) for future moments where physical assistance is needed, like community service.

2. Things to Apply Today

2-1) Physical strength: For future times when physical help is needed – like serving meals in a community.: Exercise today (5 PM): Done

2-3) Finish English writing assignment 1A, read chapter 5 of Purpose Driven Life: Done

2-4) Start watching at least one episode of the Ellen Show again

2-5) Write down six important tasks for tomorrow: Done

2-6) Writing down tasks for the next day has been reduced to 2-3 times a week recently.

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