Day31-Luke Chapter 8

• Verses 15, 21: The saying “the seed fell on good soil” means “those who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.” Additionally, it is said that “those who hear the word and put it into practice” are Jesus’ mother and brothers.

• Verse 31: A demon, referring to itself as ‘Legion,’ pleaded with Jesus not to send them into the Abyss. Following Jesus’ command, the demons entered a herd of pigs instead. I pray each morning as I was taught by my missionary brother: “Evil Satan, you shall depart to the Abyss! By the name of Jesus, I declare that you cannot touch even a fingertip of me, a child of God. You shall depart to the Abyss!”

• Verse 44: A woman who had been suffering from bleeding for twelve years and had not been healed by anyone, touched the back of Jesus’ robe and was healed. (Jesus notices our silent pleas.)


  1. Let’s pay attention to those who feel marginalized and hesitant to step forward, both inside and outside the church. (This seems practically feasible in the church setting.)
  2. Verses 48, 50: There is an emphasis on “one’s own faith” (Your faith has saved you). The same miracles appear in this chapter, so let’s compare them with other Gospels.
  3. Verse 51: Chief disciples (Peter, James, John) – Let’s examine what I need to do to bear fruit through perseverance. And prepare for it ‘as if it has already happened.’

• Finish writing the list of six things to do today.

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