Day 22- Matthew Chapter 14

  • Jesus had a particular concern for the unfortunate ones among the crowd (the poor, the sick, those ostracized by society). Verse 14 also mentions that He recognized the needy in the crowd and approached to heal them. Those who are marginalized and unfortunate often tend to be quiet and find it difficult to come forward. Jesus approached them directly. I too want to become more sensitive towards the marginalized and the unfortunate, just like Jesus.
  • My heart goes out more to those in the shadows than to those in glamorous places, which also seems like a heart given by the Lord. Having been blessed with such a heart, when they are around me, I want to sensitively recognize their needs and live helping them as much as I can.
  • Verse 33: Jesus did not directly proclaim Himself as the Son of God but indirectly acknowledged it. One of the arguments presented by those who deny that ‘Jesus is the Son of God’ is that ‘Jesus never once said He was the Son of God.’ However, as in this passage, there are many instances where Jesus indirectly acknowledged His divinity (as I understand it, He was cautious with these words until the end of His ministry).
  • Yet, when the time of the crucifixion approached and He was taken to Pilate, He spoke openly and confidently about being the Son of God.


Let’s not forget to make eye contact and greet Kieth, who cleans the store when going to work in the morning. Make sure to thank him. (Done…keep going..)

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