Day 15-Matthew Chapter 1

  • It clarifies Jesus Christ’s lineage as a descendant of Abraham and David. It sequentially mentions the ancestors of the promise. Today, reading Matthew Chapter 1 feels markedly different from when I first read the Bible. After learning more about each of the individuals, I could recall the deeds they had performed each time I read about one descendant after another. A section that seemed tedious to read 20 years ago now reveals its depth. The saying “The more you know, the more you see” applies to reading the Bible too.
  • Let’s apply verses 24 and 25 today. This part was also applied before when there were issues between my husband and me before our marriage. Mary did not directly tell Joseph about the conception by the Holy Spirit. The Lord sent His angel to Joseph, instructing him to take Mary as his wife. From today, I will continue to pray for the service of the local church, relying on this word.


: An incident that occurred between my husband (Kevin) and me before marriage.

When Kevin and I decided to break up due to problems between us, I prayed to the Lord that the initiative to talk about it would come from the other side. I was afraid of taking responsibility for the breakup because my heart was weak.

Fortunately, there was a church retreat, and I was able to lay everything down and pray to organize my heart in advance. I remember feeling at peace after praying and consulting with a deacon on the last day of the retreat. At that time, there was still a great sorrow because I had to let go of Kevin, whom I still loved in my heart. Laying things down before the Lord is always like this. When I love something and don’t want to let go, the Lord tells me to let it go. The Lord gives peace that the world cannot give when I obey Him fully.

After the church retreat, when I met Kevin, I was already at peace about our separation. Kevin awkwardly suggested that we stay apart for a while. Already feeling at peace, I calmly asked him if his words meant we were breaking up.

“Are you saying we should break up?” I asked, and Kevin, looking a bit flustered, said that wasn’t what he meant. After that, we agreed to not see each other for a while.

Sometime later, I thought about the things I needed to do before breaking up with Kevin.

Kevin had a close friend (Tom) from college, and I always hoped Tom would come to know God. So, I wanted to pass on a sermon tape (by Pastor Lee Hyun-mo) I got from the retreat to Tom, and before Sunday service, I met my husband and asked him to deliver the sermon tape to Tom. After receiving it, my husband sat down next to me during the church service… It seemed like we naturally got back together.

Later one night, I received a call from Tom. He said that after listening to the sermon tape I gave him and reading the Bible, he knelt down, prayed, and met God.


I prayed for the suggestion to volunteer at a local church to come from my husband first.

“God, I am already prepared. I wish for You to give my husband (Kevin) a heart that desires joyfully. I pray that our hearts may become one in joy within You.”

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