Day 1-John 14

  • “Jesus said, ‘If you knew me, you would have seen the Father as well.’ He also stated that He knows the Father’s will and acts according to His instructions. This means that living our lives following Jesus’s actions is the life God wants for us. Let’s remember and emulate Jesus’s actions. Jesus cared for the marginalized, the poor, widows, the sick, those in sorrow, those questioning their identity, seekers of God, and the unjustly treated.”
  • Our family is currently planning and preparing for the future. The core of our plan is ‘to be a channel of blessing by providing what is needed for those who need real help.’ For this life, we must achieve financial independence within 7-8 years. The sooner, the better. Our planned early retirement is based on these values, and we should not forget this even 7-8 years later. Another reason for early retirement is that delaying it might limit our physical ability to help others. We want to share our material and spiritual resources with those in need as we live the rest of our lives, believing this is the path to our happiness.
  • When buying a house for retirement, we must carefully consider the size and number of properties. We need both financial resources and time. Being greedy for multiple rental properties can lead to a loss of time. Our current plan includes buying one property in Loudoun County, Virginia for Steve and one for us, and not owning more than two in Morgantown. A rental business that can cover our monthly expenses is sufficient (e.g., $4000 monthly rental income). We pray to find houses in Loudoun County that suit our purpose, just as we were provided with a home when we needed one in Daejeon (to be shared later). We aim to create a retirement system where we can live meaningfully without being slaves to money. In retirement, we hope to manage our finances and engage in activities we love, using our family as a conduit for God to reach out to the marginalized and the poor.


  1. Finalize the stories that came up from Washington in a call with Hana (done during the day): At the beginning of the year, when our families (Hana’s and ours) gathered, our younger brother-in-law suggested building a large building (a house and academy combined) in Washington for us to live together, and we had planned to pool seed money to buy a house after two years. These plans were very different from our future plans, and we couldn’t make a decision at that time, leaving the answer unclear. (Done): I, Joan(older sister), and Hana(younger sister) finalized this discussion over KakaoTalk (deciding to drop the idea) and agreed to live in the same neighborhood as our children, if possible, in the future.
  2. Look for houses in Loudoun County to live in and prepare a list, gather specific information to inform Sam (including plans for model house videos and visit dates). –> Husband(Kevin, Sam, and I visited the model house later.(Done). Also, Sam (my son) has been saving money for his future.

Introduce Myself

Welcome to my blog! I’m the author and heart behind these writings. Since 2019, my life, like many others, has been reshaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. This unprecedented time has prevented me from attending church in person, leading me to explore and deepen my faith within the sanctuary of my own home, alongside my family.

This blog is a candid and heartfelt journey through my daily biblical reflections. Each day, as I turn a new page of the Bible, I delve into its teachings, seeking wisdom and understanding. Initially, I was reticent to share my Quiet Time (QT) experiences, feeling uncertain about opening up such a personal aspect of my life. However, I’ve realized the power of sharing these moments.

My aim is to offer authentic, unfiltered insights from my readings, hoping to inspire and encourage others on their faith journey. Whether you’re seeking solace, understanding, or a sense of community in these trying times, I hope my reflections resonate with you and provide a guiding light on your path. Join me as we navigate these waters together, discovering the profound impact of faith in everyday life.